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Estate Planning

Settling The Estate When A Loved One Passes Away In California

When a person passes away in California, their estate needs to be taken care of. Assets need to be distributed to heirs. Accounts need to be settled with creditors. Estate taxes need to be paid. After losing a loved one, it can be hard to face the thought of dealing with these issues on your own.

At my law office, I will guide you through the probate and trust administration processes to carry out your loved ones’ wishes. I have helped California clients with these kinds of concerns for more than 30 years. Call 209-485-9257 or contact me, attorney Law Office of Ronald W. Hillberg, online to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate administration concerns.

Guiding You Through Probate

Probate is the legal process for carrying out the wishes in a will. We will represent you in California’s probate court and file all of the paperwork on your behalf. Although the process can take up to a year if everything is done properly the first time, mistakes in the paperwork or administration of the will can make it drag out even longer.

Losing a loved one is difficult enough. When the will is contested, an experienced attorney can alleviate some of the stress. We will defend the will and protect your interests in probate litigation if necessary.

Administering Trusts

The trust administration process is different from probate. Trusts are handled in our office privately. Trust administration can be a fairly quick process because the court does not get involved.

If you are the beneficiary of a trust, it is important to make sure that it is administered properly. I offer reasonable fees for my services and can give you peace of mind that your loved one’s estate is handled correctly.

Proper Planning Ahead Of Time

Asset distribution and trust administration are significantly easier if everything is arranged properly ahead of time. I offer complete estate planning services to help families protect their loved ones and their assets for the future.

Schedule An Appointment

Call 209-485-9257 or contact me online to schedule an appointment with our experienced probate lawyer. I will compassionately administer your loved one’s estate in Stanislaus County and protect your interests throughout the process.