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Trusts For Minors Attorney In Turlock

Trust issues involving children can present unique issues that other trusts do not have. When a child is left without a parent, he or she is incredibly vulnerable. By setting up a trust and trustee, you can ensure that there is someone who will have a personal relationship with the child and that they will receive the money in the best possible way. This enables you to protect assets and funds from those who want it, as well as the beneficiaries; the latter may not be in the proper position to decide to do with the assets at a given time.

I am board-certified estate planning attorney Law Office of Ronald W. Hillberg. At my law office, I bring my more than three decades of estate planning experience to help you set up the best possible trust for minor children for your unique circumstances.

I will do everything possible to aid with:

  • Protecting assets and funds from creditors, estranged relatives and others who may wish to get them
  • Determining how assets are used
  • Determining disbursement amounts
  • Incentives
  • Transfer tax avoidance

I will make use of all available tools, including family pot trusts and separate shared trusts.

The State Bar of California has certified me as a specialist in estate planning. For the past three decades, I have helped many Stanislaus County clients accomplish their estate planning goals. We are prepared to help you and your loved ones do the same.

Whether you are focused on protecting your minor children or designating the beneficiaries who should receive your assets, call 209-485-9257 or contact my Turlock office online to schedule an estate planning appointment with an experienced lawyer.